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Discover all our BMX tires at Cycle LM: Performance and durability for every terrain

At Cycles LM, we understand the importance of having tires adapted to your style of BMX. Whether you're a street BMX enthusiast, a park enthusiast, or prefer dirt, quality tires make all the difference. This is why we offer you a wide range of BMX tires to meet all your needs. Browse our selection and find the ideal tire for your bike. ...

Our BMX tires for maximum grip

With our tires from recognized brands, such as TIOGA, SALT, MERRITT and many others, you are guaranteed to obtain optimal performance. For unrivaled handling in town, discover the TIOGA Powerblock or the SALT TRACER 65 PSI, available in different sizes.

For those looking for optimal grip for tricks, the MERRITT OPTION TIRE 2.35 or ÉCLAT Morrow Tire 2.4 are perfect choices.

Special tires for specific terrains

BMX terrain varies and your tires need to adapt accordingly. Whether it's the VEE TIRE Speedster for a quick run on the track or the ÉCLAT Fireball Tire for a session in the park, we've got you covered. And if you're looking for something for dirt, the FEDERAL RESPONSE TIRE, with its unique texture, guarantees excellent grip on rough terrain.

FAQ: Find your answers with Cycle LM

How do I choose the right tire for my style of BMX?

Each type of BMX requires a specific tire. If you are more for street or park, a tire with better grip is ideal. For dirt, choose tires with good traction.

How often should I change my BMX tires?

It depends on the intensity of your use. However, if you notice significant wear, frequent punctures or loss of grip, it is time to replace them.

Can I fit my BMX tires myself?

Yes, if you have the equipment and knowledge to do it. But why not, come visit us in our bicycle workshop.


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