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BMX FREESTYLE at Cycle LM: Your dreams of performance and tricks come true

At Cycle LM, we understand the passion and precision that BMX Freestyle requires. Every jump, every trick, every moment in the air requires a bike that can keep pace with your ambitions. Whether you are a novice discovering the world of freestyle or a skatepark professional, our range of BMX Freestyle will meet all your requirements. ...

Our FREESTYLE BMX: Where passion meets performance

At the heart of adrenaline and precision, BMX Freestyle is more than a sport, it is an art. Every jump, every spin and every trick challenges the limits of what's possible on two wheels. To respond to this call for excellence, Cycle LM has brought together an unrivaled collection of BMX Freestyle:

HARO : An iconic brand, synonymous with quality and innovation. The SHREDDER 20'' PRO BIKE and the LEUCADIA DLX 20'' are perfect examples.

DRB BIKES : Designed for ambitious riders, each bike, like the NEWWAY 20.6 or the DRIVEWAY 20.6"TT, is a promise of performance.

FREE AGENT : The perfect marriage between aesthetics and functionality. Models like the NOVUS and Vergo 20.5 TT are there to turn every trick into a masterpiece.

RADIO : Radio redefines standards with revolutionary models such as the Revo 20 Pro Fs, Dice 16, and Evol.

FAQ: Find your answers with Cycle LM

What is the difference between a BMX Freestyle and a BMX Race?

BMX Freestyle is focused on tricks and jumps with stronger frames, while BMX Race is designed for speed with lighter frames.

What size BMX Freestyle is right for me?

It depends on your size and riding style. 20" bikes are common, but we also offer sizes like 18" or 24" for different needs.

Can I customize my Freestyle BMX after purchase?

Yes of course ! At Cycle LM, we have a wide selection of parts to personalize your BMX. And if you need help, our team is here to help.


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