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Louis Garneau

Discover the Louis Garneau collection at Cycle LM

Emblematic of quality and innovation, Louis Garneau is a brand that combines performance, comfort and design in each of its products. At Cycle LM, we are proud to present a wide selection of Louis Garneau products, ranging from bicycles, accessories to cycling clothing. ...

Louis Garneau bikes for all adventures

Whether you're looking for a bike for the city, for off-road, or for a leisurely ride, the Louis Garneau collection has what you need. Discover models like the Urbania 5 Femme, the NEO 247 or the luxurious CHRONO II, which embody Louis Garneau's spirit of performance and comfort. For younger kids, the range also includes bikes like the F-14 and F-16.

A complete range of bicycle accessories

To complete your cycling equipment, the Louis Garneau collection also offers a wide selection of bicycle accessories. From cycling bags like the City pannier 16L or the e-Bike Trunk 16L, to Air Gel Ultra Homme cycling gloves, including Thermal Pro 2 shoe covers and the Louis Garneau Zone saddle bag, you will find everything you need you need for your bike rides.

Louis Garneau cycling clothing

The Louis Garneau collection also includes a wide range of cycling clothing. Discover our selection of pants, shorts and coats, such as the Element Pants, the request Promax junior cycling shorts, or the Dualistic Coat. Our products are designed to offer the best in performance, comfort and style.

Frequently Asked Questions: Decipher Cycling with Louis Garneau

What is the ideal size for a Louis Garneau bike?

The size of the bike depends on your height and inseam. Louis Garneau offers a range of sizes to fit all cyclists.

Are Louis Garneau cycling clothing suitable for all weather conditions?

Yes, Louis Garneau cycling clothing is designed for use in a variety of weather conditions. They offer protection against wind and rain, while allowing good evaporation of perspiration.

Can I use Louis Garneau bicycle accessories on other bicycles?

Yes, most Louis Garneau bicycle accessories can be used with any bicycle. They are designed to be universal and easy to install.

Are Louis Garneau bikes suitable for beginners?

Yes, Louis Garneau offers a range of bikes suitable for all skill levels, including beginners. They provide a comfortable ride and are easy to maneuver.


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