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Les trois meilleurs endroits où pratiquer le vélo de montagne près de la Rive-Sud


The three best places to go mountain biking near the South Shore


The three best places to go mountain biking near the South Shore


Mountain biking is an exciting sport that generates thrills. On the South Shore of Montreal and surrounding areas, many trails and mountains are accessible for cyclists looking for a constant challenge. 

Surrounded by magnificent landscapes and lush forests, Montérégie, Bromont and the Sutton region prove to be ideal playgrounds for mountain biking, a discipline that allows total immersion in nature.

Mountain biking is much more than just a sport; it is an adventure that leads into the heart of natural beauty, with routes that vary in difficulty, length and landscapes. Here are the three regions near the South Shore that offer the best mountain biking trails.  

Mountain biking in Montérégie: exciting trails for all levels

The Montérégie region is full of magnificent landscapes and dense forests. Mountain biking offers a unique experience and privileged contact with nature. 

Mont-Saint-Bruno National Park offers varied mountain bike trails for all levels. You will find long tracks for the more daring and enduring, in addition to less hectic circuits which are perfect for beginners or the youngest.

In addition to Mont-Saint-Bruno, mountain bike enthusiasts can enjoy the cross-country trails at Parc Desrochers. Very accessible, this park is ideal for beginners and young people who want to perform a few tricks, do jumps and familiarize themselves with bicycle maneuvers. 

The region even offers a mountain bike program for children at Mont-Rigaud: Sprockids. The program is offered from spring to fall and is taught by professional instructors. The trails are accessible every day and young cross-country enthusiasts benefit from 15 km of trails where they can learn and make their first rides.    

The Montérégie region is an essential meeting place for extreme sports lovers. A few km from Montreal, the trails are easily accessible for a day getaway. 

Bromont: the mountain bike destination for thrill-seekers 

What trails to ride in Bromont this week? - Bromont, montagne d'expériences

Whether skiing, hiking or mountain biking, Bromont is a huge playground for nature enthusiasts. With more than 50 km of mountain bike trails, the mountain is renowned for the diversity of its trails which are suitable for all levels. 

In addition to offering mountain bike tours for downhill, hiking and cross-country, Bromont offers a training program for beginners and private lessons for experienced riders. What's more, Bromont provides ski lifts for cyclists. Which gives more time to enjoy the mountain bike trails in addition to being able to admire the dizzying view from the top of the mountain. 

Bromont is the ideal destination for families. The mountain, in addition to its mountain bike and fatbike trails, offers facilities for resting, hiking and a host of other outdoor activities. If you take your children to the bike school, you can enjoy a magnificent day in nature with breathtaking panoramas. 

Mont Sutton: 35 mountain bike trails and 45 km of pure pleasure 

Mont SUTTON - Station de Ski au Québec dans les Cantons-de-l'Est –WHAT'S  NEW AT MONT SUTTON IN 2019-2020 - Mont SUTTON

Mont Sutton is renowned for its mountain bike trails enduro and cross-country style throughout the Province. With more than 45 km of accessible trails, the mountain is the meeting place for two-wheeled sports enthusiasts. 

The mountain is about an hour from Montreal, which makes it a sporting destination par excellence for extreme sports enthusiasts located in the metropolis or on the South Shore.

Nestled in the mountains of the Eastern Townships, the small town of Sutton is a true paradise for cyclists looking for adventure in the middle of wild and preserved nature.

Sutton's mountain bike trails stretch for miles through varied landscapes. You can start with an exhilarating climb, pedaling through dense forests and rocky trails. Once at the top, the reward is breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, sparkling lakes and lush green valleys.

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