Location boite de transport EXTRA GRANDE $45.00 /par semaine

par Cycle LM

BOITE DE TRANSPORT EXTRA GRANDE B & W INTERNATIONAL Appelez-nous pour réservez vos dates !


  • Rectangular shell case
  • Strike-proof ABSmaterial, black
  • Surrounding aluminium frame
  • Four free running castor rollers with reinforced axle
  • Additional wheel in the ground
  • Double shell thickness in the roller area
  • Three hinges and three lockable clip locks, flush with frame, two butterfly locks
  • Four handles and a reinforced pilot handle for ideal handling comfort

Internal Features

  • Anti-shock-frame (a-s-f) for a secure fixation of the bike frame in the case
  • Fully-Kit for prolonging the a-s-f
  • Bike disc for stabilisation of case-shell
  • Two padded wheel guards


  • Inside dimension:      1255 x 850 x 320 mm
  • Outside dimension:    1280 x 890 x 345 mm
  • Package dimension:   1330 x 950 x 360 mm
  • Net weight:    ca. 13.20 kg
  • Gross weight: 15.90 kg
  • The dimensions stated are width x height x depth for a closed upright case or closed upright bag.
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